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Takorama International Film Festival

The 2020 festival is closed. The 2021 festival will run from March 1 to June 25, 2021


A festival for teachers and children around the world
The festival is completely free and without advertising.

Discover Takorama 2020 films on the theme of solidarity, tolerance and respect for others, but also on the poetry and originality of visual universes.
The festival short films all address the theme of solidarity.

Festival films from 3 years old
3 films with a total duration of 11 minutes.

Tomoyoshi Joko,Japan,
© Decovocal

Film 1 : Buildings
    Small houses must move and remain united.
Julio Cesar Velazquez,Argentina,
© Place Studio

Film 2 : Hi
    Characters with geometric shapes get to know each other.
Gabriel Lin,USA,
© Gabriel Lin

The Best Toy
Film 3 : The Best Toy
    The look of the others.

Festival films from 6 years old
3 films with a total duration of 9 minutes.

Ashley Farlow,USA,
© Ashley Farlow

Shark Attached
Film 1 : Shark Attached
    Our relationship with animals.

Film 2 : Le complexe du Hérisson
    Don't make fun of others.
Xiya Lan,USA,
© Xiya Lan

You look scary
Film 3 : You look scary
    Decipher the feelings of others.

Festival films from 9 years old
3 films with a total duration of 25 minutes.

D.M.Lara & R.C.Mendez,Spain,
© D.M.Lara & R.C.Mendez

Film 1 : Alike
    The uniformity and conformity of our cultures.
Mike A.Smith,USA,
© Ten Pound Toons

Film 2 : Cooped
    Not being able to go outside.
Dina Velikovskaya,Russia,
© VGIK Debut

My Strange Grandfather
Film 3 : My Strange Grandfather
    Difference and exclusion.

Festival films from 12 years old
3 films with a total duration of 21 minutes.

Pedro Ivo Carvalho,Denmark,
© The Animation Workshop

Film 1 : Vagabond
    A dystopian science fiction universe.
E.Rogova & Z.Pavlenho,USA,
© Amix Film Studio

Appearance and Reality
Film 2 : Appearance and Reality
    Appearances are often not what they seem.
Frodo Kuipers,Belgium,
© Frodo Kuiperss

Film 3 : Antipoden
    Learn to live together.

Festival films from 15 years old
3 films with a total duration of 21 minutes.

J.Tereso & F. Maldonado,Argentina,
© 3Dar

Shave It
Film 1 : Shave It
    The madness of men and deforestation.
Santiago Bou Grasso,Argentina,
© OpusBou

The employment
Film 2 : The employment
    The alienation of men.
Franck Dion,France,
© Papy3d productions

Monsieur COK
Film 3 : Monsieur COK
    The exploitation of men.
Objective of the festival

The objective of the festival is to allow children to discover new films, new stories, new visual universes and to give their opinion, to vote for their favorite film.
The festival is also an opportunity for all students to continue school activities at home and stay in touch with the teachers.
Beyond cinematographic and artistic education, the festival aims to affirm the educational dimension of cinema by positioning it in particular alongside literature and painting as a resource capable of accompanying and supporting the set of lessons; it will allow children to view moving images not just as entertainment but as a communication tool.

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