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FILMS POUR ENFANTS, association loi 1901.
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Christophe Defaye


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Terms of use

The purpose of these terms of use is to define the conditions of use of the website, hereinafter referred to as website of the festival and the condition of use of short films hereinafter referred to as short films the by a natural or legal person having created a user account or having a user account, hereinafter referred to as user. The website of the festival is a service offered by the NPO Films pour enfants, hereinafter referred to as organization.
The use of one or more accounts of the website of the festival by a user implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms of service.

Short films

The short films are protected by copyright and the user undertakes to respect moral rights and copyright.
Any transformation of audiovisual and audio content is subject to the agreement of the authors and the rights holders of the short films.
The user is responsible for any abuse he might make of the short films. The organization declines all responsibility in this regard.

The short films can be viewed for free during the festival period between April and June in the space of educational, cultural and social organisations, at school or at home in non-commercial educational and cultural contexts. Any distribution or use of the short films for commercial purposes is prohibited.

As part of the festival, the user has the option of downloading the short films for the purpose of viewing them offline and it is appropriate for the user to equip himself with the necessary hardware and software for storage and playback. video files encoded in MP4 format.
The user undertakes to use the short films offline only within the framework of the festival between April and June and to delete them from his or her storage media (s) (internal hard drive, external hard drive, USB key...) at the end of the festival.
The reproduction, rental, donation, loan of short films are prohibited and any offending user is liable to criminal and / or civil penalties.

The short films are classified into 5 age categories (3-4-5), (6-7-8), (9-10-11), (12-13-14), (15-16-17 and more); however, each student is different, the final choice to show a short film is the responsibility of users, teachers and/or parents.

Reproduction rights for website content

The editorial content, graphics and iconography are the property of the organization and are subject to the protections provided for by the Intellectual Property Code. Partial reproduction of this content is authorized for the exclusive purposes of information, but must be accompanied by a link to the original online document of the website of the festival and the mention © Films pour enfants. Any distribution or use of the content of the site for commercial or advertising purposes is prohibited.

Responsibility for website content

The organization takes all necessary measures to provide users with quality service and reliable information, but cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this information. Consequently, the organization declines all responsibility for any imprecision, inaccuracy or omission relating to the information available on the website of the festival and can in no case be held responsible for the use or interpretation of the information contained on the website of the festival.

Hypertext links

Links pointing to the website of the festival
Subject to not using the illicit deep linking technique, the website of the festival authorizes the establishment of links pointing to its content.
Any use for commercial or advertising purposes is excluded and any external site pointing to the website of the festival and disseminating information of an advertising nature is strictly prohibited. The sites or the users who choose to point towards the website of the festival engage their responsibility if they would damage the image of the site. The organization reserves the right to end this tolerance at any time if it appears to it that the link established with the linking site is likely to harm the interests of the organization or the website of the festival.
The organization cannot be held liable for the editorial content of the linking site.

Links to external sites
The website of the festival contains hypertext links to other websites. The addresses of these external web pages are not part of the site and the links set up do not engage the organization's liability for a malfunction of the link or the content disseminated by these websites. The content and operation of these sites remain the sole and entire responsibility of their respective editors.


By registering to the website of the festival, you subscribe to the festival newsletter and you will receive regular information such as the number of participants, the results of the votes, an invitation to the next edition of the festival. You can unsubscribe at any time from the newsletters you receive.

Personal data and cookies

The current protection policy of personal data has a goal to inform the users named users of the website, hereinafter named website of the festival, service offered by the organization “Films for children”, hereinafter named organization, of the manner that the personal data can be collected and treated and the rights of which they possess concerning their data.
The use of the website of the festival by a user implies the acceptance without reserve of the Current protection policy for the personal data.

Protection and data processing

The organization commits to the fact that the collecting and processing of personal data, performed from the website of the festival, will be in compliance with the Data Protection Act, as well as with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), European legal settlement that came into force the 25 May 2018 with the goal of guaranteeing a better control of personnel data in the countries of the European Union.

The data that has been collected is used to allow the organization to diversify and enhance their content, as well as to improve the ergonomics and functionalities of the website of the festival. The personal data isn’t made visible on the website of the festival, and aren’t in any case shared, exchanged or used by the organization for commercial purposes.

The organization commits to implement the measures that were seized to preserve the total confidentiality of the personal data.
For all information or exercise of your rights (right of access, right to request rectification or deletion, right to restriction of processing, right to object ) concerning the processing of your data, contact us at inscription(at)takorama(dot)org

Personal data is collected when users register and vote on the festival website. These data are the name, the first name, the name and the address of the school, the teaching cycle, the number of students and the e-mail address.


About the cookies
The cookies (or “plotters”) are files created by the websites that you visit and are stocked in the browser of your terminal (computer, mobile phone, touchpad) during the visit of a website or the viewing of an ad. They allow to conserve the information relative to your browsing to facilitate your experience online and offer some functionalities.

On, we use cookies for the smooth running of the website, the measure of audience and the sharing of the contents on social media.

Deleting the cookies
You can, at any moment oppose yourself to the saving of cookies by configuring your browser. Your browser can also be configured to alert the user the cookies that are saved in your terminal and ask whether you accept them or not. You can accept or refuse the cookies that are saved sometimes or refuse them in a systematic manner. However, in the case of a refusal for cookies that are necessary to the smooth running of the website, you won’t benefit from all the functionalities that the website offers and we decline all responsibility in case of a bad functioning of the website.

Deleting the functioning cookies of the website
Click on the browser of your choice to configure the cookies:
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Deleting the cookies of audience measurement
The website of the festival uses Google Analytics as a tool for audience measurement.
If you do not wish to share information with Google Analytics, download and install this plug-in in your Web browser:
Disable Google Analytics

Deleting the social media cookies
The website of the festival uses Facebook and Twitter as a tool to share content and you have the possibility to refuse the cookies used by these social medias:
Do Not Track: Facebook
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Data processing manager

Christophe Defaye
5 impasse du Petit Modèle, 75013 Paris, France
Téléphone : +33 6 14 64 09 27


The organization reserves the right to modify the present personal data protection policy.
The user is invited to check regularly if modifications have been added.
Last update : March 2021

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