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2020 Children's Film Festival voting page

Please watch the films with your children and indicate the voting results according to the age of your children.

Festival films from 3 years old

Film 1 : Buildings
Address the theme of difference and exclusion.
Film 2 : Hi
Meet different cultures.
Film 3 : The Best Toy
A boy is going to try to make his toy look like the latest gadgets.

Festival films from 6 years old

Film 4 : Shark Attached
The story of a poor pet shark.
Film 5 : le Complexe du Hérisson
A little girl is mocked by her classmates and then grows up.
Film 6 : You look scary
Mr. crocodile and his dentist the rabbit.

Festival films from 9 years old

Film 7 : Alike
What is the right path? (to be a good citizen)
Film 8 : Cooped
Locked in his home, a dog dreams of going outside.
Film 9 : My Strange Grandfather

Festival films from 12 years old

Film 10 : Vagabond
A homeless man lives alone with his dog in a strange futuristic city.
Film 11 : Appearance and Reality
Film 12 : Antipoden
Everything was going well until the day a new resident arrived.

Festival films from 15 years old and over

Film 13 : Shave It
A monkey struggling with the deforestation of the Amazonian rainforest.
Film 14 : The employment
Men alienated and reduced to simple objects.
Film 15 : Monsieur COK
In search of profit, Mr. Cok replaces his workers by robots.

Festival results
The results of the votes will be communicated following the closing of the festival.
The closing of the festival depends on the current context and the reopening of the schools.

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